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What in the h*ll is a podcast and how can it help?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Hey hey hey!!!

Have you ever heard, OR thought this? If so, it is OKAY! Lets figure all this out together! Grab your coffee and lets go!

The purpose of this blog post is to be a resource for you! I remember when I started my personal and professional growth journeys….WHOA… There is so much content out there. The most important thing is that it is helping YOU. That is TOP PRIORITY! Many people will share their favorites and at the end of the day, if you can’t stand the sound of someone’s voice, that is not for you. Do not give up! There is someone for everyone!


The resources below are a ridiculously small few in comparison to what I allow in my mind/surrounds now. These are the ones that really started to spark my interests, and these coaches, leaders and authors really motivated me to become better. These are the resources that pointed me in the right direction.

It is important for you to understand my personality. I am not one of those crazy ass ALL IN, self-motivated, I told myself no and I am never going back types. I sneak the piece of bread after I commit to no carbs. If you are the all-in type, I am so proud (and a little jealous) of you…HA!! I am a ‘get sh*t done’ lady, but once I am off the high/excitement of a motivational segment - I do exactly what I am NOT supposed to do, overthink. AHHH! Anyone else? I ALWAYS have to remind myself; it is more important to START imperfectly than to PLAN perfectly.

I like to plan how it will fit into my ‘busy’ schedule. I put quotes around busy because, man, isn’t that the excuse we tell ourselves? One of the best things I learned from a Summit Salon Business Centers coach during their 3 ½ day events, ‘everyone is their own type of busy’. This seems so simple, but the coach went on to explain that here type of busy and her sisters’ type of busy were from two different worlds. While she started her day at 4am with emails and work projects then gets her kids off to school, her sis (or friend – I don’t remember who, but another woman close to her) got up at 6am and enjoyed coffee and watched the news while waiting for her kiddos to rise. The point is everyone fills their schedule with whatever ‘busy’ they think. Do you ever notice yourself, when someone tells you how ‘busy’ they are, thinking ‘really, you were just sharing how you watched an entire season of Sneaky Pete on Netflix.’ You have thought it….I know I have and this is a no judgement zone. Everyone thinks they are busy, but we all have the same 24 hours. We are here to spend ZERO of that time judging how anyone spends their time. The question is, how are you using yours?

As a coach to many stylists and salon owners, I realized that many of you are interested in growth, but maybe don’t know where to start. I have some of you that listen to podcasts and read books, and others that are really do not even know what any of this is. That is why, I compiled a few podcasts links and books, with descriptions to help you get started. I will only give you three of each. Although, my list is long, I want you to just start. So, there is not point to me listing off 22 different resources. We will have more Resource Round Ups in the future 😊. I will put descriptions and links to help you.


1.) The Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher, a marketing guru, shares all things business and marketing while also being this extremely down to earth mama and wife from a small town. She will capture your heart as well as your mind. She talks about Pinterest, blogging, email marketing – you name it. She has it! Her strategies work like a dream too.

2.) Build Your Tribe – Chalene Johnson and her son, Brock, are a dream team. Their social game is so on point and they literally give the best tips and tricks. It is amazing for stylists to help build a brand and owners to help build a team. Chalene is also one of my favorites and has her own show that talks about everything under the sun!

3.) The Dave Ramsey Podcast – Dave Ramsey, a financial coach, takes questions about life and money for 45 minutes. If you are really trying to get your financial game turned on, Dave and his team will change your life. He is bit opinionated but loves helping people. My favorite is part of the show is the debt free screams! My husband and I follow his baby step plan and since this blog is to help with budgets too, this is a good stepping stone 😊

4.) The Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffrey Gitomer takes a, in your face, approach to selling. I know, you don’t like to sell. Who wants to be known as that?!?! NO ONE, but sista, get out of your head, you sell yourself every SINGLE DAY. He goes on to talk about how to sell yourself and products. My favorite is when he discusses value and price. A conversation I have with my customers daily. It is good stuff.

5.) Who Moved My Cheese – This was probably one of my very first personal development books and I have been recommending it so much recently! Spencer Johnson takes you on a journey about change with two mice names Sniff and Scurry, and two little people, named Hem and Haw. With all the changes around us personally and professionally, this one may be last on my list, but it may be the BEST ONE to start with!

Please share and tag me, @threebsandpod, when you try any of these!! I cannot wait to see how you are inspired!

XO and Cheers,

Heather Pod

P.S. – I must be honest, although I do like to read, all the books I recommend are usually on my Audible app. I listen when I work out, clean my house, in my car, or even 15 minutes before bed (it is a sleep timer….not kidding, THE BEST). It is one of my favorite resources.

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