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Three MUST DO Things to Sell Through Holiday Retail

Hey Hey my Holiday Crew! So, this is the Finale, the wrap up, the final to-do, to have the most kick a$$ Holiday retail season!

Now, you know why you need your Holiday retail out NOW (if you don’t, click HERE). You also should have a plan for what to with your holiday from now until the end of the year (if you don’t, part 2 of this series is HERE).

This is literally my favorite part! The SELL-THROUGH. This is like the entire reason we came to play! It is GAME DAY people!


1.) Set Goals:

So, how can we set goals? Break them down into bite size nuggets!

Let’s say you purchased 100 box sets. Your sets arrive the first of October (ish). Now, count the number of weeks you have to sell the sets.

Make the end date around the 15th of December – yes we want to sell out BEFORE Christmas, trust me. I have taken the time to count and know that we have 10 full solid weeks of selling.

That means we take 100 sets DIVIDED by 10 weeks. That is 10 sets per week that we need to move out the door!

Let’s go a little further to break it down by individual. You have a team of 4. We then take 10 sets (our weekly team goal) DIVIDED by our 4 stylists. That equals 2.5 SETS per week for each stylist! That is it, each stylist must sell 2-3 sets per week.

That is a SUPER easy way to set the goal! Anyone can do it, computer system or not!

2.) Measure the progress WITH A NUMBER (AKA…FACTS):

It seems so easy, but 80% of my accounts, make a display and then when I ask how holiday is going, their response is either ‘I think okay’ OR (my favorite) ‘They are just not into holiday yet’.

Side note: I love when leaders complain about their team...eye roll…there is an amazing saying out there from our friends at The Summit, ‘the pace of the leader, is the pace of the pack.’ Yep, let that sink in, is it ‘THEM’ or is it ‘YOU’? If you constantly think it is them or hear yourself blaming things on your team, you need to do some work on you friend…

Back to your feelings on how it is going… STOP THAT ‘you think’ shenanigans. Facts OVER feelings, meaning get your butt out there (or on your computer) and count the damn sets – every freaking week, at least! Do you think I just wake up every Monday or every day thinking, ‘I can’t wait to wake up extra early (and yes before 5am) to make time to check my numbers before I hit the road.’ HELL NO! That is literally the worst part of my job, but you need to know this information!

EVERY SINGLE WEEK (or day), you need to schedule time to count the sets and track each of your stylists unit sales. Who is hitting their 2-3 per week goal? Is a team member not understanding the value of the set? Are they not even talking about it? Dig in and don’t wait until November, start NOW!

3.) TRACK you progress and MAKE IT FUN!

Now you know how to set the goal for you and for each of your team members, and you know how to measure your progress. Let’s dig into the TRACKING and how to make it FUN for your team!

Create a game for your team! This year I am creating a Posterboard Game called ‘Be the Boxstar in Your Salon.’ It is a poster board that has each of the stylist name in the first column and then a small column for a sticker for every set they need to sell.

Here is an example with using our 4 stylist salon that purchased 100 sets and we have 10 weeks to move through. That means each stylist needs 25 small columns next to their name. How did we find 25 – we took 100 box sets and divided it by 4 team members to equal 25. It would look something like this:

Have a set of cute stickers! You can allow your team to do an ‘honor system’ – I would suggest this - and every time they sell a set, they put a sticker up in their column. You can also, have a front desk team member or yourself, update the board every morning. I have found that teams really like doing their own stickers!

Now, let’s up the ante a little. How about a team incentive, if they fill all of their columns, they get an entry to win $100 in cash! Or a gift card? Or some fun tech item like airpods or an apple watch?

This investment of $110 ($100 in cash then $10 for poster board and stickers) to move through $5000 (on average, you sell a set for $50 and you have 100 sets to sell) in retail. I know all of that is not yours, BUT that is only 2% of your sales! DO IT!


Now, a couple other things I did not mention, create a buzz to your customers! Get excited by setting up displays, creating videos and posting to all social platforms. Show that you are ‘the place to be’ for all things holiday. Don’t surprise/shock your customer when they come in, let them be prepared to drop some coin on Christmas. They need to be armed and ready when they come in. Stop getting in your own way about what others think! Blow this sh*t up all over.

Do you know how comforting it would be to a busy momma who just got out of work on a Wednesday night, knowing that she can get her hair done AND get half of her Christmas shopping done at YOUR BUSINESS? BE THAT PLACE! People want a one-stop shop! Stop spending their money for them! I can remember being a young child when we would go to Farmer Jack for groceries, Kmart of toiletries and a locally owned grocery store for other things. Now, I literally go to one store and if I pay double for TP and paper towel because I forgot it in my shipments…well, I got it done and that is all that matters! Time is more valuable than money in my current season. NOW, I have earned the right to make that bold statement. Yes, I lived through many seasons where it was the opposite. You will hear more about those times during my budgeting posts. Yes, I am a crazy budgeter…be prepared...LOL.

As always, reach out if you have questions or need help implementing these things!

XO and Cheers,

Heather Pod

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