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Three Things to Keep you EXTRAordinary

Thank you so much for joining me! Time is your number ONE asset. You cannot get it back, and I appreciate that you are spending a little of yours with me.

Now – how in the heck can we make ourselves extraordinary? One simple thing…

Spend 1% of each day making some part of your life better.

You may be thinking right now – ‘How much time is 1% of my day?’ Well, my friend, to be exact, it is 14.4 minutes. For the sake of ease, we are going to say 15 minutes. That is right 15 minutes of your day!!! If you read my about me section, I am literally all about a ‘nibbly nugget.’ Yes, I made this term up. I made it up because, it is cute and during my personal development journey, quite frankly, people VOMIT all the bullet points on you. Literally, ALL THE THINGS…

Depending on your personality and past life experiences, sometimes listening to the lists of bullet points on how you can ‘be a better you’ makes you spiral into all the things you DON’T do. Sometimes you may enjoy a glass of wine, or vodka at night (to be honest, I like craft beer - OMG, don't even bring this up around some people)… and maybe I watched 3 episodes of ‘The Real Housewives’. Things today are making us feel like because we did these things, we are never going to ‘make it’ in this world.

Now, what are THREE TANGIBLE things we can do in a day that take 15 minutes to become extraordinary for your business or personal life:

NUGGET 1: Share with someone that you are thinking about them!

Yes, it is that easy. Hand write a card or two each day (however many 15 minutes, gives you) and mail them off at the end of the week. Did you know one of the most popular love languages are Words of Affirmation? That means that you will most likely stand out to whomever you send this card to. Do you hate the idea of snail mail? Fine, send out 10 texts or emails letting someone know you are thinking about them. Short on words? – say this, ‘Hey there, wanted you know that I am thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well!’ Copy and paste it is this is your first time. You will get the hang of it.


NUGGET 2: Time Block Your Day

The number one complaint I hear from my customers is that they do not have enough time. Take your 15 minutes to create a plan for your day. First, you will need a planner or even a sheet of paper. Write down every 15 minutes on a line and block out. I have put an example of my planner for you here. The only thing not included are bathroom break. Now, not everything will get done and you will run over, but you can be exactly focused on what matters and achieve SOME parts of your day if you do this. Have you ever had a day that you reacted the entire day and accomplished NOTHING? I usually end the day by stating, ‘I chased my tail all day.’ Having blocked time slots allows you to take control of your time. It will be messy but give it a shot.


NUGGET 3: Learn Something New

That is right, take 15 minutes to learn something new. It does not matter if it is to learn how to create an email list for your business, learn how to iron on cute logos to t-shirt for your salon team, or learn a new sport to play with your kiddos. Learning something new feels amazing and feels like you accomplished something. There is a Goal Cast video on YouTube here about why you should make your bed. It is not about making your bed; it is about starting your day with a task to set your brain up to feel great and want to accomplish another task. Take 15 minutes to feel accomplished and be satisfied with the 1% that you took for yourself to be better.

I hope that you enjoyed these three tips. I am cheering you on and want to say, ENJOY the things you want to do in life, and also understand that we need to have small disciplines in our day in order to create a beautiful like for ourselves and the people we support, financially and/or emotionally.

I am on this mission to let EVERY single person know that they can be extraordinary by making small steps – the nibbly nuggets…

Please email me or message me on social to share with me what you will commit to in order to become extraordinary this week.


Heather Pod

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